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Download SoundCode for Dolby E Get Free 14 Day Trial – Existing Customers Get Latest Versions. Download and install SoundCode for Dolby E by filling out the form. Downloads are not available from a mobile device. Notify me on new updates and other important Neyrinck.

Neyrinck SoundCode For Dolby E operates standalone and as a plug-in with Pro Tools, Final Cut Pro, and other workstations. With SoundCode For Dolby E, you can also SMPTE order WAV files larger than 2GB in Pro Tools. Using the N-Mon utility on a Mac, SoundCode For Dolby E can even monitor real-time Dolby E streams in Quicktime or Final.

  1. Neyrinck's SoundCode for Dolby E is a set of software tools for encoding Dolby E files from Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools and Media Composer. Also included in the suite is N-Mon, an application.

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  1. PLEASE NOTE: This is a special upgrade for owners of SoundCode Stereo LtRt to SoundCode LtRt Tools. SoundCode LtRt Tools is a set of Pro Tools AAX plug-ins designed for post-production studios, TV mixers, film mixers, video game mixers, and broadcasters that monitor or deliver LtRt encoded audio compatible with Pro Logic™ decoders.

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  3. SoundCode Stereo LtRt by Neyrinck (@KVRAudio Product Listing): SoundCode Stereo LtRt is a Pro Tools plug-in designed for post-production studios, TV mixers, video game mixers, and broadcasters that monitor or deliver stereo down mixed and LtRt encoded audio compatible with Pro Logic decoders.

Neyrinck SoundCode for Dolby Digital Dolby Digital Encoding and Decoding Plug-in Suite for Pro Tools Features Encoder The SoundCode Encoder offers a fast way to encode audio as AC-3 and WAV fi les from a Pro Tools session, ready for use with DVD audio or video authoring applications.

The entire Studio Economik's website is now priced in Canadian Dollars only. Pro Tools HD/LE encode and decode plug-ins, audio unit encode plug-in, N-Mon as well as Neyrinck's SoundCode LtRt Tools and SoundCode For Dolby Digital 2. Write a review about the Neyrinck SoundCode for Dolby E Bundle * Required fields. Review.