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The BAM XS-B51 is a Chinese manufactured clone of an earlier model Daystate Huntsman. It’s a pre-charged pneumatic pellet rifle with a wood stock.Fitted my 22 BAM B40 into a Mk3 AA TX200 stock. Very little alteration needed, mainly the end cap on the BAM is square compared to it being round.

Model Number 342 Name / Description Pneumatic 22 Pellet Rifle - Single Shot - Checkered Stock."The MM B40 is a handsome and very accurate rifle, that while heavy, is super smooth, thanks to the Mike Melick tuning, and loves my fantasy pair of pellets, cheap CPLs and Predators, without the need to re-sight the scope when switching from target to field rounds for 20 yards.

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This is a review video about my BMK 40 (BAM B40) of which the spring assembly has been tuned for best power and the least recoil. Showing pics and stats of the tweaks and a mini review.Lost a manual or need a part? Well you've come to the right We recently changed some things on our PCP and Break Barrel Air Rifle warranties. For more .

The B40 is a copy of the Air Arms TX200 that sells for about 9, while the B40 comes in at only 0. Of all the Xisico guns that I've shot so far, this is by far my favorite. The trigger is as smooth as silk and there is little or no recoil and it is VERY quiet.Feel free to print any of these manuals for your personal use. Need to order gun parts? Check the schematics to identify the right.

CHINESE AIR RIFLE GUN IMPORT COMPARISON. Benjamin Trial / Superstreak series = based on BAM B19 platform B1 = Umarex China 61 / Diana 25 B2 = Umarex China 62 / Norconia Germany (premium) / Lider 2 / Blazer the B40 through its paces on the bench and in the field! The B40 is a clone of the Air Arms Tx200 and comes in both a 177 and 22 versions. I purchased the 177 caliber, as I like the smaller bore in most spring piston air rifles (not a hard fast rule, but more of a leaning).

Xisico Air Rifles · Accessories · Services · Testimonials · Manuals/Information I knew nothing of Xisico rifles and what Mike could do to them (Full Tune). "The MM B40 is a handsome and very accurate rifle, that while heavy, is super smooth, thanks to the "Get a BAM B26 from Mike Melick at Flying Dragon Airguns.Flying Dragon Air Rifles specializes in Chinese air rifles and carries a wide array of Xisico break barrel and underlever air rifles as well as PCP and CO2 air rifles .

Flying Dragon sells a full line of XISICO™ and Industry Brand Chinese air rifles. We are often the only source for hard to find special models and parts, and offer our rifles in either factory stock or tuned configuration.Oct 12, 2006 by B.B. PelletierLet's over to the 22 caliber B40. The criteria are still the same. Just because the 177 performed so well doesn't mean I will cut this rifle. The owner's manual was packed.