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  1. Military. Further Reading Select manual move order menu. 4. Enter destination (easting, northing, altitude, grid zone, and spheroid). Orient the howitzer onto the general direction.2. Under combat conditions, pre-fire and firing precautions apply as operating time permits. 3. The Combat Systems Officer is responsible to the Commanding Officer for the completion of pre-fire checks. 4. The Gunnery Officer is responsible for reporting to the Combat Systems Officer that all pre-fire checks have been completed.2 system operation and maintenance, CO 2 fire suppression, CO 2 fire protection, Hydrogenerator Design Manual, section 8.15.1. CO 2 is a colorless, odorless, electrically nonconductive gas that is a suitable medium for 2 SYSTEM OPERATION AND TM 9-1025-211-10 MARINE CORPS TM 08198A-10/1 1-2 Change 4 1-3. HAND RECEIPT (HR) MANUALS This manual has a companion document with a TM number followed by "-HR" (which stands for Hand Receipt).This guide is meant to teach the process of howitzer emplacement, specifically the M119A2 105mm howitzer, utilizing the M137 series sights. The memory aid used while emplacing is the acronym TLABSPAP, Trails (or Tube), Lay, Aiming Point, Boresight Verification, Safety Circle, Pre-fire checks, Ammunition Prep, Position Improvement.The LW155 contract currently calls for delivery ofInteractive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs) on Compact Disk. This is intended to replace all manuals, with the operators manual and lubrication order to also be provided in printed copy. The IETM has a print capability to provide hard copy of all the data contained.The Lightweight 155 (LW 155), formerly known as the Advanced Towed Cannon System (ATCAS), LW 155 will replace all US Marine Corps (USMC) cannon systems and be used as a direct support weapon.Pre fire checks m777 howitzer technical manual - Perform pre-operations checks on Laser Range Finder and global positioning. Full text of "Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for the Field Artillery P: Prefire checks in accordance with operator's manual • A: Ammunition prepared. tlabspap field artillery m119 howitzer.