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Tk Library: The additional C functions that a Tk extended C program may use. Keywords: The keywords from the Tcl/Tk .Under the hood both Tcl::Tk and Tkx use the Tcl module as a bridge to Tcl/Tk. The difference is in the API they present to Perl. Tkx was developed by ActiveState, who use it in the GUI for their tools.

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  1. Tcl8.4/Tk8.4 Manual DIFFERENCES FROM ANSI SPRINTF.121.Tcl/Tk 1. Introduction This is a manual for people who are developing C code for Tcl, Tk, and their extensions and applications. It describes a set of conventions for writing code and the associated test scripts. There are two reasons for the conventions. First.

  2. Jan 5, 2019 It's the only document that explains how to read the Tcl/Tk manuals and translate the information there .Expect and TCL mini reference manual. Expect is an extension of the TCL language. This means that you can do everything with expect that you can do with TCL. 1 TCL expressions. First of all you need to know a bit on how the TCL language works and how you can write expressions. 1.1 evaluate and return. If you want to evaluate something and return the value then use the [ expression ] syntax.

  3. This section contains information about Tcl 8.0 and Tk 8.0, the most recent version of Tcl/Tk. They were originally released on August 18, 1997 and the most recent patch releases (8.0.3) were made on September.Tcl/Tk recent man pages: Recent Tcl/Tk manuals on ActiveState Tcl Home Page No distinction between standard and widget-specific options is made in this document. Some options don't .

Please note that the formatting of these manual pages varies from package to package because they have been automatically generated from UNIX man pages.Tcl_CreateSlave - manage multiple Tcl interpreters, aliases and hidden commands Tcl_GetVersion - get the version of the library at runtime Tcl_RegisterConfig - procedures to register embedded configuration information.

Tcl uses a two-layered channel architecture. It provides a generic upper layer to enable C and Tcl programs to perform input and output using the same APIs for a variety of files, devices, sockets etc. The generic C APIs are described in the manual entry for Tcl_OpenFileChannel. The lower layer.tcl_prompt2 Used in a similar way to tcl_prompt1 when a newline is typed but the current command isn’t yet complete. If tcl_prompt2 isn’t set then no prompt is output for incomplete commands.

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Tk_QueueWindowEvent - Add a window event to the Tcl event queue Tk_SetCaretPos - set the display caret location Tk_GetUserInactiveTime - discover user inactivity.They are very different things: TCL/TK combined a specific widget toolkit (TK) for display components (with a display specification language TCL) - it is not python specific and needs to be built for the specific platform.