Autolifters makes several models for various uses. The only one that makes sense for a home garage is the M6 which they call "mobile", "freestanding" and "versatile". It's all those things, all right.AutoLifters lift parts are still “made in America” at SVI AutoLifters is no longer in operation, but SVI provides parts for repair. 2-post AutoLifters Lift Repair Parts include cables, adapters, pads, chin, lock parts.

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This is a vehicle lift installation/operation manual and no attempt is made or implied ALOIM-2008, American National Standard for Automotive Lifts-Safety .Autolifters of America Inc., a Wichita-area manufacturer of automobile lifts, has suspended operations as the company's attorney reviews options for restructuring the business.

As a former Corvette owner / enthusiast, I figured I'd share these pictures of my recent near-catastrophe involving an AUTOLIFTERS (now defunct, but nearly identical in design to the popular BackyardBuddy -- with very similar design flaws) four-post.Apr 15, 2013 Installation and Owner's Manual 1.1 General Safety Instructions *The supplied concrete fasteners meet the criteria of the American .

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mechanical safety release manual all both columns swing arm restraints automatic engagement above 2 1/2" hydraulic safety system automatic all positions cylinders two, one per column carriage bearings eight per carriage, uhmw synchronization equalization cables min. bay size 12' x 24' verify with site plan service vehicles.AutoLifters of America ceased manufacturing operations in 2005, which threatened to put many hobbyist car mechanics and auto shop owners scrambling for .

Instruction section of this manual 3. Check carriage latch synching: Latches should click at the same time. If necessary adjust equaliza tion cables as described in the Installation Instruction section of this manual. 4. Check tightness of all bolts. 5. Check anchor bolt tightness. If the anchor bolts are loose, they should be re-torqued to 90ft/lbs.Whether you are a shop owner or a hobbyist, keep your garage in working order with auto lift parts & lift replacement units from Nortec Direct.

Jun 15, 2006 C5 Tech - Four Post AUTOLIFTERS Lift Collapsed - Warnings to come, based on all the chinese lifts that are being.Manual lowering operation by pressing lever - Relief valve built in power pump to prevent overloading - 1 sets truck adapters included - Lifting Capacity: 9,000 .