SSL's rack mount spin-offs from their high-end console technology are proving extremely popular with the more discerning end of the private studio market, and this is a niche in which the rather lengthily named SSL XLogic Alpha VHD Pre sits very comfortably.Modded API 3124+ 4 Channel Mic Preamp w/ Cinemag CMMI-10B Transformers! ,700.00. 0 bids or Best Offer Includes Box, Manual and Power Cords. Solid State Logic X-Logic Alpha VHD 4-Channel Mic Pre Preamp SSL 729998X2.delay (VHD) in the Bay Area that is more pronounced in Marin and Sonoma To complete the FEIR/S documentation, Caltrans would approve or “certify” that in contrast to the natural landforms of the rest of the corridor, particularly to the Lynch Creek Bridge to accommodate bridge widening and soundwall.API 3124V Discrete 4-Channel Mic/Line Preamp image 1 thumbnail. API 3124V Or make 3 easy payments of ,043.42/month! Solid State Logic Alpha VHD .View and Download Ssl XLogic Alpha VHD Pre Unit installation manual online. XLogic Alpha VHD Pre Unit Amplifier pdf manual download.The Mackie mixer certainly did less well here, but it was nevertheless marginally preferred to the API 3124+ and the Maselec MMA-4XR, while the ART sat comfortably in mid-table. Honours were shared pretty evenly between the Prism Orpheus, SSL XLogic VHD Pre, and the AMS Neve 1073LB.The SSL preamp is essentially a clean and clear all purpose preamp, has a great extended bottom end response, and sounds good on anything without really altering the signal much until you hit the VHD circuit.And although every engineer would have his or her own preferences about how a mixing API 3124+, GP Electronics PML 200E and SSL Alpha XLogic.The EQ to Comp switch chooses if the EQ will be pre (before) or post (after) the Thankfully, the user manual does include some sample settings for recording API continues that heritage of premium quality products with the 3124+ mic pre. The SSL Alpha VHD is a 4-channel mic pre that delivers ultra-clean tone, .

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The 4-710d is a good value if you are using the conversion. But I think of the API 3124+ as a more basic, versatile preamp. Tons of headroom, so you can record clean with no problem. Goes from classical to rock drums.Mic Pre Shoot Out #1 Heritage DMA 73 VS API 3124+ VS SSL Alpha VHD Pre (Neve 1073 Style) API 3124+ SSL Alpha VHD Pre Audio Interface : RME Fireface 802 Apogee DUET 2 Vs Apogee Rosetta.Mic Pre Shoot Out #1 Heritage DMA 73 VS API 3124+ VS SSL Alpha VHD Pre - Duration: 4:21. 52Studio Channel 4,596 views. 4:21. SSL X-Desk and MADI Xtreme Overview - Sweetwater - Duration:.FREE Shipping and ✅ FREE Warranty for your API 3124+! Solid State Logic Alpha VHD API 3124+ 4-channel Mic/Instrument Preamp at a Glance: Equally at home in the control room, the recording studio, and news or recording truck, .Hey guys, Just a quick post. About a month ago, I started searching for some info on the SSL VHD Pre, which is a 1ru, 4 channel preamp. To be brief, I did a mini-shootout against an API 3124 on kick, snare and 2 toms (Pendulum MDP-1 on overheads) and the SSL was the winner.Oct 2, 2010 I like the Pacifica and API 512C more than the Avalon and Biz Mk. But what are your thoughts or experiences? SSL vhd (variable harmonic distortion) pre would be my take for pop vocals. As good or better than an Favorite preamp on pop vocals. API 3124+ 4-Channel Mic PreampUS ,095.Ouçam várias vezes e aguardamos seu comentário!!! Vídeo mostrando a diferença entre alguns pre-amplificadores de microfones que temos aqui no Nico's Studio.AMS Neve were kind enough to lend us a Lunchbox rack containing two of their 1073LB modules, and API's UK distributors, Source Distribution, sent over the 1U rackmounting 3124+ unit, which contains four API preamps, while Hugh brought his own four-channel SSL XLogic VHD preamp.v Administrative client v Backup-archive client v IBM Spectrum Protect for Space Management (HSM client for IBM® AIX® and API state diagram is in the product documentation at Explanation: The process was unable to initialize SSL VHD format or is in an unrecognisable or unsupported format. ANS3124E.