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Save money and troubles by learning how to set your air compressor pressure switch the right way! You can save yourself a lot of trouble, and money, by setting the correct cut-in and cut-out pressure for your compressor.

  • The Condor MDR3 pressure switch is available with thermal overloads (4 different setting ranges available) or without thermal protection and can be used for three phase or single phase compressors.

  • We stock the Condor MDR 11 pressure switch and the Condor MDR 21 pressure switch. These switches are two of the most popular Condor pressure switches for air compressors.

  • The Condor MDR1 pressure switch can be used for single phase compressors or as a pressure switch to provide a signal to the control circuit in a larger compressor.

  • 13 Pressure switch setting references Pressure switch setting references Pressure switches Pressure switches are typically used to maintain pressure in a tank (or similar.

  • the compressor has a new condor mdr3 switch with built in unloader valve and a pipe connected to the top of the nrv as with modern compressors, the nrv works and is in good condition. when the comp is switched on it will build up pressure to around 120psi though can vary and the switch will cut power as it should and a brief hiss of air out of unloader, as it should, the pressure switch.

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This 1 Phase Pressure Switch is Fully Adjustable suitable for compressor. The Condor MDR2 pressure switches are the world’s most famous brand and are used to regulate the tank pressure between two preset values on small (up to 175psi) electrically driven air compressors.

  1. Pressure Switch, Application Air Compressor, Actuation Type Diaphragm Amazon's Choice for "condor air compressor pressure switch" Powermate Vx 034-0184RP Pressure Switch.

  2. Air Compressor Switches. Wiring & Adjustment InstructionsISO 9001 Quality Catalog. The MDR11 (USA) Pressure switch from Condor.

  3. Condor USA is a subsidiary of Condor-Werke GmbH, a pressure control pioneer founded in 1893. Let us help you find a replacement pressure switch or an industrial pressure Air MDR11 (USA) Switch Installation Instructions Water Pump Pressure Switches Air Compressor Switches Control (Pilot Duty) Pressur.

The following instructions are based on adjusting the most common pressure switches found on General Air Products L, LT and OL series air compressors for fire protection. Condor Model MDR-11 (General Model SWP60401U. 37 Pressure switch MDR 3 Pressure switch MDR 3 3-phase Switching capacity 7.5 (11) kW / 20 HP Available with overload relay.