Rockwell Automation Publication 150-UM011D-EN-P - November 2017. 3 Allen-Bradley® SMC Flex™ and drive products using the DPI protocol.Technical Data SMC™-3 Specifications Bulletin Number 150 Additional Resources These documents contain additional information concerning related products from Rockwell Automation.

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Visit Bulletin 150 — Smart Motor Controllers — SMC-3 Smart Trip reset is selectable to either automatic or manual.SMC Flex User Manual, publication 150-UM008 Allen-Bradley SMC controllers are micro-processor based soft starters that are designed to maximize the .

The illustrations shown in this manual are intended solely to illustrate the text of this manual The Allen-Bradley SMC Controller™ lines offer a broad range of products for braking current is adjustable from 150 to 400% of full load current.The Rockwell / Allen-Bradley Bulletin 150 Smart Motor Controllers (SMC) feature a full range of starting modes. These modes are soft start and current line start, both with selectable kickstart.

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Buy Allen Bradley 85 A Soft Starter SMC-3 Series, IP2X, 45 kW, 200 → 460 V ac 150-C85NBR. Browse our latest soft-starts offers. Free Next Day Delivery.We have New and Used 150-F43NBD by Allen-Bradley In Stock today! We carry the entire SMC-Flex series. Click now or call 919-205-4392 for the best prices on all Allen Bradley parts.

Our SMC™ Flex Soft Starters are available with a current range from 5.1250 A. They feature integral bypass Bulletin 150 SMC Flex Low Voltage Soft Starters.Bestellen Sie Allen Bradley Sanftstarter SMC-3, 3-phasig, 18,5 kW, 37 A, 200 → 460 Vac, IP2X 150-C37NBR oder weitere sanftstarter online - versandkostenfrei ab 50 € Nettobestellwert bei RS Components.

Our SMC™-3 Soft Starters are available with a current range from 3.480 A. They feature compact, true Bulletin 150 SMC-3 Low Voltage Soft Starters.USER MANUAL FOR SERIES B. SMC. ™. -Flex. BULLETIN 150 in this publication. Allen-Bradley publication SGI-1.1, Safety Guidelines for the Application.

For Bulletin 150 SMC Smart Motor Controller technical support on start-up or existing installations, contact your Allen-Bradley representative. In the United States and Canada.Trip reset is selectable to either automatic or manual mode. Note: Trip rating is 120% of dial setting. Over-temperature The SMC-3 monitors the SCR temperature by means of internal thermistors. When the power poles maximum rated temperature is reached, the microcomputer switches off the SMC and a TEMP fault is indicated via LED. Phase Reversal Protection When enabled via a DIP switch, 3-phase.

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Publication SMC Flex Application Guide 150-AT002* MANUAL FOR SERIES B SMC Allen-Bradley does not assume responsibility or liability (to include intellectual property liability) for actual use based upon the examples shown in this publication. Allen-Bradley publication SGI-1.1, Safety Guidelines for the Application, Installation and Maintenance of Solid-State Control (available from your local Allen-Bradley office), describes.

For complete dimension drawings, see the user manual, publication 150-UM011, or consult your local Rockwell Automation sales office or Allen-Bradley distributor. Figure 2 - SMC-50 Soft Starter with Integral Bypass Approximate Shipping.Allen Bradley – SMC-3 Soft Starter SOFTSTARTER SMC-3, 84.251 A, INPUT LINE VOLTAGE 3-PHASE 200.480 V 50/60 HZ, CONTROL VOLTAGE 24V AC View Product.