The Topic: Centripetal Force Purpose To show that the net force for a conical pendulum is mv2/r.

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Flying Pig Lab. Name_____ Period____ Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to investigate circular motion and the factors that affect it. Procedure: 1. An object suspended from a string that is rotating at a constant speed in a horizontal circle is known as a conical pendulum. Examples of conical pendulums include tether balls, amusement park swing rides, and toys like the Flying Pig. Observe.

Pre-Lab Analysis Graphs/Free Body Diagrams Procedures Does the pig accelerate in the horizontal (radial) direction? Knowing that the net force in the radial direction for any object in uniform circular motion is centripetal force, what does this tell you about the magnitude.

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Flying Pig P4-2165 BACKGROUND: The Flying Pig provides students with a fun way to study circular motion. The pig and its string trace a conical pendulum and allow a perfect opportunity for calculations and measurements of circular motion. The instructions included below can be altered to suit your students’ abilities and skills. You might consider doing the pre-lab activity together.

Flying Pig and Centripetal Motion Introduction: In this lab you will investigate the concepts and equations of centripetal acceleration and centripetal force. Your experimental apparatus will consist of a flying pig, a meter stick, and a “pig slighter” which will allow you to determine the radius of the pig’s orbit. Along the way, you will also learn a bit about how forces.

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This centripetal force lab uses a flying pig toy you can purchase from science supply or The file comes with teacher instructions, student print outs, and a key with period, experiment, laboratory, lab, measure, measurements, metric system, .

Flying Pig and pivot (or equivalent) stopwatch In this experiment you will measure the speed of an Your teacher may assist you setting up the Flying.