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HS8 vs. HS80M (self.audioengineering) submitted 5 years ago by FauxJour It seems Yamaha have made a newel model of their HS80M speakers, and I was wondering if anybody has had any experience.

  • Yamaha hs80m. November 21, in Hi-Fi Systems Reviews. AWESOME STUDIO MONITORS WITH MORE BOTTOM END. Great value! The HS80M is blatantly modeled after the legendary NS-10 near-field monitors. Yamaha shows the right speaker placement and listening distance in the manual. But they also account for room anomalies in the design of the speaker.

  • M-Audio BX8a vs Yamaha HS80m. I just spent the afternoon comparing a pair of BX8a’s versus HS80m’s and the conclusion was simple: I now own a pair of Yamahas. This is as unpaid as a review.

  • Jan 3, 2007 Myself, I like the sound of the BX8as and the price is very good too. The HS80's i havn't really heard through them for too long but the feature .

  • In this manual (unless indicated otherwise), “HS8” refers to both the HS8 and HS8I, “HS7” refers to the HS7 and. HS7I and “HS5” refers.

  • Having a good set of monitors is crucial for any professional or home studio. The shape of the guide ensures that your listening experience is neutral and accurate. by either spending the extra money on the 8” BX8 or by getting a subwoofer. The Yamaha HS8 is the most commonly used mid-range studio monitor.

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  1. 8 HS80M/HS50M/HS10W Owner’s Manual Adding a Subwoofer Even if you don’t plan to set up a surround system, adding a subwoofer can be a real advantage for stereo mixing.

  2. The second generation HS Series also adds a new 6.5" model to the lineup, bringing its exceptional accuracy to an even greater variety of recording environments. Product Information. HS8 Manual Library Firmware / Software Updates Documents and Data About Yamaha.

  3. Feb 4, 2015 A great guide to the best studio monitors for recording on a budget while it's because I'm a huge fan of their HS8 system, but it generally sells for around 0 A set of BX8 D2 usually sells for 9 - get the latest price and .

Now, you just need the right monitors to accurately listen to, mix, master and Most of the monitors covered in this buyer's guide are nearfield monitors. The Yamaha HS80M's enclosure is built to reduce resonance and still look For a pair of speakers under 0, take a look at the M-Audio Studiophile BX8a Deluxe.

HS80M vs VL-A5 vs BX8a deluxe. Hello, I've been reading this forum quite a bit recently, as I have to purchase monitors for a small home studio. Welcome to the Gearslutz Pro Audio Community! Registration benefits include: The ability to reply to and create new discussions.