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The much anticipated Volkswagen Amarok ute was released in 2011, albeit only as a crew cab with manual transmission, but it bristled with powertrain and driveline technology.

  • For now there only transmission available is the eight-speed ZF auto (and crawling gears instead of a transfer case). The torquey V6 however is set to appear late next year with a six-speed manual and transfer.

  • Your Amarok's automatic transmission is filled with oil when you take delivery, and it's never replaced. The 4WD system in the Amarok is the innovative Volkswagen 4Motion system and utilises a Manual (l/100kms).

  • Ready or not, the Volkswagen Amarok points the way forwards for rough-terrain vehicles, meaning low-range is no longer the be-all for off-roaders.

  • The much anticipated Volkswagen Amarok ute was released in 2011, albeit manual transmission and low-range transfer case, to provide off-road gearing.

  • VW says its Amarok is the most fuel efficient in its class, claiming 7.9L/100km for the 4X4 models in the ADR combined cycle. Our tough testing didn’t deliver figures anywhere near this claim, showing 12.6L/100km for our varied terrain, which included a session.

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In manual AWD Amarok models the low-range transfer case remains for the 4Motion system. The addition of an eight-speed ZF transmission to the Volkswagen Amarok utility could revolutionise modern thinking when it comes to commercial workhorse/recreational vehicles.

The manual has arguably the best shift action in the segment, making changing gears much less of a chore. Go with the excellent ZF eight speed auto and you’ll miss out on a proper low range transfer case, but you get beautifully smooth shifts and it keeps the engine in the best part of the torque curve.

Jul 5, 2017 The manual-transmission VW Amarok 4×4 models are offered with a low-range transfer case. But the auto gearbox versions – like the recently .

The Amarok V6 offers a similar situation: it has claimed fuel use of 8.9L/100km, while the four-cylinder bi-turbo automatic 4x4 models in that lineup use 8.5L/100km. Not quite as big of a gap, then. Not quite.

Since it was first introduced back in 2011, the Volkswagen Amarok has Often spurned for the transfer-case-free automatic gearbox and low capacity When a manual-spec V6 Amarok comes out, it will be a couple of grand cheaper.

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With a finder score of 85.00% how does the Volkswagen Amarok compare to its rivals? The 2.0-litre bi-turbo diesel, matched with a six-speed manual or eight-speed Available in, Amarok 4x2 Dual Cab, Amarok Core 4x4 Dual Cab, Amarok Core Transmission, 8-speed automatic, 6-speed manual, 8-speed automatic .