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Warranty and Assistance The DCP100 DATA COLLECTION PLATFORM is warranted by CAMPBELL SCIENTIFIC, INC. to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for twelve (12) months.The data logger consisted of a CR10XM-2M Measurement and Control Module and black CR10X Wiring Panel. The CR10X-2M provided sensor measurement, timekeeping, data reduction, data/program storage and control functions.

We ship the data logger with this thermocouple so that users can work through sample program #2 in the "CR10X Measurement and Control Module Overview" section of the CR10X manual. Feel free to remove this temperature measurement sensor if it is not needed.The Modbus operating system can be purchased initially with the data logger, or contact Campbell Scientific for a Modbus OS to retrofit the CR10X. Refer to the 13619 CR10X Modbus Operating System.

WARRANTY AND ASSISTANCE The CR10X MEASUREMENT AND CONTROL MODULE is warranted by CAMPBELL SCIENTIFIC, INC. to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for thirty-six.If D is keyed while the CR10X is displaying a location value, the current status of the user flags To minimize current drain, the CR10X should will be displayed in the following format: be left in the ∗0 Mode when logging.

• CR10/CR10X Operator’s Manual at the site location. 4.0 Equipment Description • The CR10/CR10X is a data logger for data storage, processing and the control.About This Manual This manual tells how to read VW sensors using Campbell Sci- entific CR10 and CR10X data loggers with the AVW1 or AVW100 interface and the AM416 or AM16/32 multiplexer.

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The problem is that we want to set up an approach to collect the data (most recent data) from the Datalogger that is independent of the LoggerNet software. Refer to my previous suggestion of referring to the telecommunications commands in the CR10X manual.This is a pre-owned Campbell Scientific CR10x data logger - PB OS version. It's sitting in a stainless steel box and working perfectly. It has a tiny scratch at the corner.

Campbell CR10X Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Campbell CR10X Instruction Manual.summarized data. Equipment Control: The CR10X controls multiple headgates based on measured conditions, flow, or time. The control capabilities of the CR10X allow levels to be maintained, even in the absence of a manager. The gates can also be controlled remotely by the water master if conditions change. Alarms: If high or low water levels are detected, the CR10X can initiate on-site alarms.