OLYMPUS. Flexible in the ENDOSCOPE REPROCESSING MANUAL When using WA23070A or A2377 Detach the leakage tester from the endoscope.

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  • Automated Endoscope Leak Tester User Manual details for FCC ID S8Q-RU8354 made by Olympus Medical Systems Corp. Document Includes User Manual .

  • Olympus, the world leader in flexible endoscope manufacturing and design, is proud to introduce the fastest, most compact Automated Endoscope Leak Tester on the market, ALT-Pro. Dry Leak Test Two Endoscopes Simultaneously The ALT-Pro dry endoscope leak test process eliminates the need for endoscope submersion, air bubble observation and distal.

  • Olympus has developed a dry leak-testing alternative that takes the manual process out of the equation. Instead, an endoscope is attached to the ALT-Pro, which pumps air into the scope and automatically detects the presence of any leaks.

  • Dry Leak Test Two Endoscopes Simultaneously The ALT-Pro dry endoscope PC for backup and analysis Choose between automatic and manual leak testing .

  • Apr 24, 2014 Simply attach up to two endoscopes, start the leak test process and walk away the human elements of manual endoscope leak testing methods.

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  1. Endoscope Leak Testers; Endoscope Leak Testers. Sort by. Ordering +/-Product Name. Category. Results 1 - 25 of 25. Endo-Leak Tester Kit. Add to Cart. Endo-Leak Tester. Olympus® Endo-Leak Tester Adapter. Add to Cart. Pentax® Endo-Leak Tester Adapter. Add to Cart. Storz® Endo-Leak Tester Adapter.

  2. For Olympus scopes, follow these protocols: • Perform leakage testing prior to reprocessing • Check performance of leakage tester and air supply • Ensure water-resistant cap on videoscope is dry and functioning properly • Turn on MU-1 or air supply • Connect scope to leakage tester unit • Pressurize scope • Immerse entire scope.

  3. automated endoscope leak tester 3500 Corporate Parkway, PO Box 610, Center Valley, PA 18034 Specifi cations, design, and accessories are subject to change without any notice or obligation on the part of the manufacturer.

  1. Manual hand held leak tester for Olympus endoscopes Used for testing Olympus Endoscopes; Easy to read guage; Has pressure release valve; Built.

  2. Complete restoration of Olympus 160 and 180 scopes priced slightly higher Endoscopy Equipment Pre-Owned Endoscopes Endoscope Repair. HMB Endoscopy Products is celebrating its 26th year as the industry leader for new and previously owned endoscopes, endoscopy equipment, supplies, repairs and restorations.

  3. DSD-110-HU0110 HOOKUP CONNECTION GUIDE Multiple Olympus endoscope light-guide plugs shown. FInd the generic model below that most closely matches your endoscope. Leak Test Hookup PN DSD-110-HU0102 Manual leak testing must be carried out in accordance with manufacturer’s.

Feb 9, 2015 EVIS EXERA II TJF TYPE Q180V REPROCESSING MANUAL. Contents Perform a leakage test on the endoscope after each precleaning .